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Аджика доставка
Based on tomatoes, smoked peppers with hot chilli and garlic.
Айолі соус доставка
The naturalness and saturation of this sauce is ideal for any meat and fish dish.
Барбекю соус Доставка
Classic sauce with smoked plums, ripe tomatoes, smelling of smoke. Sweet and at the same time spicy sauce is indispensable for any meat.
Гірчиця соус доставка
Mustard is a sauce that takes your breath away from the strength and burning. It consists of ground grain of natural mustard, sunflower oil and spices.
Гострий соус доставка
A combination of sweet chili peppers, oyster sauce, hot tabasco with a little honey and garlic.
Дор-блю соус доставка
Creamy base with a little bit mayonnaise, garlic and noble aged Dor-Blue cheese.
Перцевий соус доставка
Pepper sauce is based on an Italian recipe, which consists of a mixture of different peppers, dry red wine and cream.
Тар-тар соус доставка
Tar-tar is a sauce made from mayonnaise, dijon mustard and pickled cucumber with a small amount of garlic.
Ягідний соус доставка
Berries sauce
An interesting combination of cherries, cranberries, currants with red wine, freshness adds mint and orange peel.
Чімічюрі соус доставка
Classic Argentine sauce - a combination of different herbs, garlic and chili peppers for spiciness
Медово-гірчичний соус доставка
The combination of honey and a variety of strong and Dijon mustard, lemon juice will add sourness. Harmoniously combines spicy, sour, sweet and burning taste.
Грибний соус доставка
Mushroom sauce
To begin with, mushrooms are fried in oil with the addition of onions and fragrant thyme. Subsequently, they are mixed with chicken broth and cream for tenderness.