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Паста-стейк доставка NEW
Marbled, thinly sliced Striploin, which has a pronounced taste thanks to Dry Age aging technology.
Стейк Рібай з ресторану На Мангал TOP-HOT
Rib eye steak

Rib eye steak, is one of the most common and best types of steak without bone. Rib eye has a sufficient amount of fat, and at the intersection of three muscles in the center of the steak, you can see a round layer of fat.

The steak is cut from the ribs of the bull, namely from 5 to 12 ribs. Fat saturated marble steak.

Стейк Т-боун доставка у Львові TOP-HOT
T-bone steak

Premium T-Bone Steak contains two types of meat, on the one hand New York, on the other fillet mignon, separated by a T-shaped bone. Cut from the Shortline cut located in the lumbar part of the bull.

Філе "Міньйон" з ресторану На Мангал TOP-HOT
Fillet mignon

Fillet mignon is a tender and expensive cut of beef. It is considered the king of steaks because of its melt-in-your-mouth texture. A prime filet mignon can literally be cut with a fork.

Стейк Даллас на доставку місто Львів
Dallas steak

It's a Rib eye with a short, trimmed rib. The bone when roasted gives the steak a pleasant nutty aroma. Dallas is also called a Cowboy Steak.

Steak has a buttery tenderness texture, the dry-aged endurance gives an adorable taste.

Антрекот стейк у Львові
Entrecote steak

Entrecôte is the French word for a beef steak cut from between ribs. This steak is a type like a Rib eye but wet-aged get another texture and taste for this steak.

Стріплойн стейк доставка Львів NEW
For lovers of meat with a low fat content, this is an ideal option, because a very thin strip of fat runs around the perimeter of the steak, the Dry-aged aging method guarantees a pronounced aroma.
Стейк Нью Йорк з ресторану На Мангал Out of stock
New-York steak

This is a premium steak that is cut from a shortline cut located in the lumbar part of the bull.  New York thanks to the bone has a wonderful aroma and juiciness. And also thanks to the dry age edurance, the beef taste becomes more pronounced and the texture softer.

Локум безкоштовна доставка у місті Львів
«Lokum» steak

 The filet medallion comes from the Filet Mignon. It doesn’t have the robust beefy flavor that other steaks, like strip steak and rib eye, have, it makes up for that flavor in its texture. You’d find it challenging to meet another piece of steak that’s as tender as the filet medallion.

Телятина Кошлеме доставка з ресторану На Мангал
«Koshleme» veal

This is the most tender meat of very young veal that can be tasted in our restaurant.

Стейк зі свинини доставка Львів
Pork steak

We prepare pork neck steak with a lot of sebaceous steaks, thanks to which the meat is very juicy and soft after cooking.

Steaks in Lviv

Are you dreaming of a juicy, tasty, well-cooked steak that just melts in your mouth? Then it's time to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Steak house from the Na Mangal Family chain. Steaks in Lviv have never been more accessible to everyone who wants to visit the perfect meat without leaving home.

The best steaks in Lviv - only at Steak house

We use only selected meat aged for 28 days in our own chambers, followed by cooking on professional grills. But modern equipment and high product quality are far from all the advantages. Special attention should be paid to the experience and talent of our chefs, who continue to promote the culture of proper consumption and offer the best steak you can find in Lviv. The following types of steaks are most popular:
  • Ribeye Classic boneless steak, which is cut from the 5th to 12th rib of a young bull. The meat is very saturated, fatty, refers to marble due to its properties. Roasting Medium Rare allows you to best reveal the taste of the dish.
  • T-Bone. A premium tandem of Filet Mignon and New York steak, which are connected by a characteristic T-shaped bone. Marbled meat is obtained from Shortloin cut. It has a very delicate texture and a rich taste.
  • Filet Mignon. For cooking, the softest part is used, which simply melts in the mouth. In its finished form, Mignon acquires a characteristic creamy aftertaste. The meat aroma is rich, but very pleasant. Buying a steak of this type is recommended for those who appreciate really tender meat.
  • Dallas. Another name is Cowboy steak. Unlike Ribeye, it is served on ribs with preliminary cleaning. During frying, the bone gives the meat an unusual nutty aroma. The texture is delicate, buttery and juicy, the taste is perfectly revealed after the first bite.
  • Steak entrecote. For its preparation, the same part of the carcass is used as for ribeye. However, wet aging changes the structure of the meat and also affects the taste. The finished steak is very juicy and tender, perfectly in harmony with various types of sauces and side dishes.
  • A fairly non-standard option for serving meat - pasta-steak - is particularly popular. A special technology is used during its exposure. After cooking, the marble Striploin is cut into thin strips with a pronounced taste and aroma. We also offer an unusual pork steak.

Advantages of steaks from Steak house

First of all, we offer only the right meat from verified farmers who use only safe feed and monitor the health of each animal. You can be sure that the raw materials have passed all the necessary checks and have the appropriate certificate. In addition, the quality of meat preparation before cooking plays an important role. There are also other advantages:
  • using traditional cooking methods to preserve maximum taste and juiciness;
  • extensive experience of chefs who have their own secrets for preparing the perfect steak;
  • 6 degrees of roasting are offered, starting from Blue and ending with Well Done;
  • individual selection of sauces;
  • you can choose different weights of meat;
  • guarantee of perfect cooking.
  The delivery of steaks in Lviv is as prompt, careful and high-quality as possible. You will receive a dish with a perfect presentation, which will be hot, juicy and aromatic. You can also order raw meat (with or without spices) for independent preparation of masterpiece dishes or culinary experiments.

How to buy a steak?

Restaurant Na Mangal Steak house offers to buy steak in Lviv with delivery around the city by its own service. All you need is to simply add the selected items to the cart, specify the address and confirm the order or contact us by phone +38 (098) 877 75 12. You can also order steaks in Lviv directly at our restaurant and pick up the order yourself . Delivery of steaks in Lviv is free. Several payment options are offered for maximum convenience. If you have any questions, we will be glad to see you in our establishment or to hear you by phone for consultation and ordering steaks.