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Fresh meat

Стейк зі свинини сирий доставка
Pork raw steak
Pork steak is a fairly simple solution for cooking meat, takes a minimum of time.
Каре з баранини сире доставка Out of stock
Rack of raw lamb
Rack of lamb is a first-class part of lamb, which produces very appetizing, tasty and very tender dishes.
Каре з телятини сире доставка
Rack of raw veal
Who will refuse the pleasure of enjoying tender and juicy meat, spectacularly "served" on the ribs?
Сирий стейк "Локум"
Raw "Lokum" steak
Medallion with a soft and juicy central part of beef tenderloin. Ideal for a light appetizer.
Сирий шашлик з яловичини
Raw barbecue beef
Beef is not the most popular ingredient for barbecue. But if you choose the right meat, properly marinate it and do not overdry it during frying, you will get a very juicy, tasty and soft barbecue.
Фірмові котлеи Доставка
Raw branded cutlets
Branded cutlets of Turkish cuisine, which will combine Dry aged meat. A small portion that is perfect for children.
Фірмові котлети з сиром сирі доставка
Raw branded cutlets with cheese
Branded cutlets of two types of meat with fragrant gouda cheese. A small but satisfying snack.
Сирий шашлик з курки
Raw chicken barbecue
If you like barbecue, but are afraid that it will turn out too greasy, choose chicken.
Курячі бедра сирі Доставка
Raw chicken thighs
Appetizing chicken thighs with a crispy crust - it's incredibly delicious! In addition, they are quite easy to cook.
Сирий Даллас стейк
Raw Dry Aged Dallas steak
This is a premium steak, which is narrated from a Prime Rib steak, skewered in the dorsal part of a whip.
Сирий стейк Нью-Йорк Out of stock
Raw Dry Aged N-York steak
Striploin is a premium steak made from the ribs of a bull. A thin strip of fat runs along the perimeter of the steak, which gives the meat incredible juiciness.
Сирий Т-Боун доставка
Raw Dry-Aged T-bone steak
T-Bon Steak is a large steak divided in half by a T-shaped bone. This steak combines the tenderness of fillet mignon and the rich meaty flavor of juicy streploin.
Стейк Антрекот Доставка
Raw Entrecote Wet Aged steak
Steak of classic French cuisine. Selected premium beef.
Сирий шашлик зі свинини доставка
Raw pork barbecue
This is one of the most common dishes of Caucasian cuisine. It became especially popular due to its juiciness and tenderness.
Сирий Стейк Рібай
Raw Ribeye Steak Dry Aged
A huge advantage of fish in versatility: steak can be easily cooked at home in an ordinary pan or grilled in nature.
Теляча вирізка Доставка
Raw veal "Koshleme"
Veal tenderloin is a tasty part of young veal. It is a tender, soft and juicy boneless meat.
Сирий Філе міньйон доставка
Raw Wet Aged Fillet Mignon steak
Fillet Mignon is the most expensive and valuable steak, obtained from a unique muscle that is practically not involved in motor activities. That's why mignon fillet or steak is the most tender meat imaginable.