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Вода Боржомі 0,5 л
Borjomi water 0.5 liters
Borjomi mineral carbonated table water 0.5 liters
Тонік Евервест доставка
Evervess Tonic - 0,25 л
Evervess Tonic sweet water is a non-alcoholic carbonated refreshing drink with a pronounced taste and aroma of quinine and light bitterness.
Трускавецька слабогазована доставка Out of stock
Truskaveska(low carbonated)
Water has a wide range of therapeutic and health-improving properties
Моpшинcька Доставка
Truskavetska (non-carbonated)
Truskavetska combines the healing properties of Carpathian water with low natural mineralization, which makes it possible to use it every day, without exception
Пепсі доставка з На Мангал
Pepsi 0,3 л
Pepsi is a non-alcoholic soft drink sold worldwide.
Сік Сандора в асортименті - 1л
Sandora juice in the range - 1 liter
100% Sandora juice, order online at Steakhouse Restaurant. Does not contain sugar. The most popular juice in the world, which has become a traditional addition to breakfast. Helps cleanse the blood and improves appetite, as well as tone.