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About us

About us

Na Mangal Steak house is a restaurant of the Na Mangal Family chain with real marble steaks and is part of
Traveler`s Choice 2021 in Tripadvisor.

Steak house – a house of ambassadors of marble meat, which promotes the culture of correct steaks and their
perfect dry aged exposure. Each steak for 28 days we keep in dry holding chambers,
and then cook on an open barbecue inside the institution.

The concept and philosophy of the restaurant

At Mangal Steak house is a community of different cultures of the world that meet at the same table to get acquainted with a glass of red or white and real marble steaks.

We have created a restaurant for those who love good service and understand good cuisine.

The team

Everyone at Na Mangal Steak house knows the meat and the right wine. The staff speaks foreign languages, including English, our restaurant is among the first in terms of customer service in Lviv.

The team
Our location

Lviv, 25 Shevchenka Avenue

Restaurant: Mon-Sun 11AM - 12PM

Delivery: Mon-Sun 11AM - 8PM

Our location

The Mangal Steak house is located at 25 Shevchenko Avenue in the center of Lviv. Getting here will be convenient from any area of the city.

There is also paid parking nearby.