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Hot appetizers

Запечений камамбер
Baked camembert
Tender Camembert that just melts in your mouth, baked with honey, fragrant garlic and selected spices.
Реберця BBQ
BBQ ribs

Flavorful pork ribs, caramelized in BBQ sauce. At first, we cook the ribs on the brazier to the crust, that’s why they have unique smoked aromatic. Then we add sesames, a sprig of rosemary, and the best hot appetizer for beer is done.

Крильця Баффало в ресторані На Мангал
Buffalo wings

Appetizing wings in a spicy-sweet sauce.

Запечений баклажан з дорблю
Baked eggplant with cottage cheese
Tender eggplant is baked with moderately spicy and rich Dor Bleu cheese, decorated with pumpkin seeds and arugula.
Стручкова квасоля з яйцем пашот з На Мангал
Green beans with poached egg

Fragrant green beans are stewed in butter with the addition of garlic, brought to a state of al dente. Drizzled with «Chimichurri» Argentinean sauce, which gives a pleasant aroma of herbs. A poached egg is spread on top and all this is sprinkled with sesame seeds and grated Parmesan cheese.