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Dishes on the grill

Шашлик з яловичини у ресторані На Мангал
Beef barbecue

Barbecue of tender beef tenderloin in combination with Crimean grilled onions.

шашлик з курятини у Львові
Chicken barbecue

A special marinade gives the tenderness and an unforgettable aroma, which is revealed on the grill. Thighs are ideal for chicken barbecue, they are the most juicy and soft, which is practiced in our restaurant.

Шашлик зі свинини з ресторану На Мангал
Pork barbecue

We are cooking from a selected pork neck, which is characterized by extreme softness, tenderness, and exquisite taste.

Каре з баранини у ресторані На Мангал Steak House
Rack of lamb

Meat dish from lamb ribs.

They are prepared on the grill, have an unsurpassed aroma of smoke and the taste of a unique marinade, which remains a secret.

Курячі стегна з ресторану На Мангал
Chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are considered to be one of the juiciest and tender pieces of meat.

Grilled thighs have a unique aroma and, thanks to a special marinade, a rich taste.

Каре з телятини з ресторану Львів
Rack of veal

Extremely tender and healthy meat made of the ribs of a young animal. This meat delicacy is cut from the chest, and the length of the ribs is from 5 to 8 cm.

Фірмові котлетки з ресторану На Мангал
Beef chop

We use 50% fresh beef and 50% aged lean beef to prepare the minced meat. That is why these chops are juicy and have a special rich taste.

Котлети з сиром доставляємо з На Мангал
Beef chop with cheese

We use 50% fresh beef and 50% aged lean beef to prepare the minced meat.

Thanks to the cheese, the chops are extremely juicy and fragrant.

Grilled dishes are the best ready-made kebabs in Lviv

For many people, delicious, juicy, fragrant barbecue is associated with picnics in nature, summer evenings, trips outside the city. However, the restaurant Na Mangal Steak House allows you to expand this tradition and present the real pleasure of meat at any time. Delivery of barbecue in Lviv is not just a popular service, but an opportunity to order a dish even in winter without hassle, experiments and loss of time.

Delivery of barbecue: features of the service

Our barbecue delivery service in Lviv is in high demand for a reason. We completely change the traditional ideas about this meat miracle, open masterpieces cooked on coal for everyone. If outside the window is rain, snow, wind, incredible heat or other gifts of nature, this is no reason to refuse such pleasure. With the Steak House restaurant, you are always sure that you will soon receive barbecued dishes in Lviv, prepared with heart. Of course, another advantage is the comfort of your own home, the opportunity to enjoy meat while watching your favorite movie or gatherings with loved ones and friends.

Advantages of kebab delivery

You can order barbecue in Lviv both for various festive events and on an ordinary day. You can forget about boundaries and limitations, finding a grill, working with coal and learning this ancient ritual that requires skill and time. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right raw materials, clean them, cut them, marinate them. Any mistake can cost the softness and juiciness of the dish. The delivered ready meal will not differ from the one served directly in the hall of our restaurant. And there is nothing surprising in this, because the same chef and his team demonstrate their "culinary magic". We can single out several main advantages of shish kebab in Lviv with delivery:
  • the order is prepared by a real professional with many years of work experience and knowledge of his business, so the finished dish will be simply perfect;
  • you can independently choose the desired marinade for cooking, sauce, make other wishes;
  • barbecue dishes can be ordered just 1-2 days before the required date, and not in advance (a week or more);
  • high-quality, fresh, properly selected meat from verified farmers who have the necessary certificates and inspections of raw materials is used for cooking;
  • the cooking process meets all standards and requirements, only proven, reliable recipes are used;
  • our kitchen is equipped with modern equipment, and the chef knows the specifics of each technological process and uses them in practice;
  • special foil-coated containers are used for delivery;
  • the assortment is constantly expanding and supplemented with interesting novelties, which will allow to increase gastronomic knowledge in the field of ready-made shish kebab in Lviv.
But the main advantage is the saving of time, effort and nerves. There is no need to study many recipes and think about how not to make a mistake and spoil the dish. In addition, the price of a ready-made barbecue is not much different from cooking it yourself. The price of a ready-made shish kebab in Lviv: how much does a dish cost? Everything depends primarily on the dish itself, as well as the type of meat used for its preparation. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the portion size. For example, 200 grams of the most tender chicken kebab will cost 150 hryvnias. And you can buy a ready-made beef kebab in Lviv for UAH 354 (a portion of 300 grams). In addition, we offer variations of beef, lamb and pork, as well as other dishes (brand cutlets, veal loin, etc.).

How to order kebab in Lviv?

You can order barbecue in Lviv in a few minutes. First of all, you can use the functionality of our website and add the selected items to the cart, and then confirm the order. And you can always call us at +38 (098) 877 75 12 or visit our establishment to place an order, because in addition to delivery, we also provide self-pickup of the finished meal. Shashlik delivery in Lviv from Na mangal Steak House restaurant is an ideal solution for those who value their time. We guarantee the juiciness and unique taste of each piece. Transportation is carried out in special containers that preserve the heat, aroma and taste of the meat. Delivery is free in Lviv. The menu also has delicious steaks to add to your order.