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Cold snacks


Thin slices of fresh beef with sweet and sour carpaccio sauce combine perfect taste with cherry tomatoes, odorous grated Parmesan cheese, and a bunch of arugulas. It’s got with toasts of tomato baguette, a slice of lemon, and serves with crispy chips.

Сирне плато львів
Cheese plate

It consists of four kinds of cheese: Camembert, dorblue cheese, Parmesan, and baby mozzarella with dried tomatoes. It decorates with cherry tomatoes, black olives, and walnuts. This plate gets with sweet berries sauce, honey, and flavored toasts of tomato baguette.

Українське плато
Ukrainian plate

Two different types of Ukrainian Salo: with black pepper and choban spices, — get on a plate with fermented cabbage, marinated crackly cucumbers and soft tomatoes with garlic, aromatic toasts of black bread. It decorates with garlic, greens, and Crimean onion, and of course, gets with Cossack mustard.

Тартар з яловичини
Beef tar-tar

Finely chopped raw beef, capers, Crimean onion combined with Argentinean sauce «Chimichurri» create the perfect combination of spicy taste and herbal aroma. It serves with quail yolk, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, chili pepper, and crunchy toast of tomato baguette.