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Бургер Фет Бой
Burger Fat Boy

A fluffy brioche bun combined with a beef cutlet and Emmental cheese does its job and will not leave anyone indifferent, and a fresh iceberg with ripe tomato, cilantro, and onion completes this masterpiece. Of course, where can we go without a unique sauce based on Greek yogurt and paprika that will tickle your taste buds. Bon appetit!

Локум безкоштовна доставка у місті Львів
«Lokum» steak

 The filet medallion comes from the Filet Mignon. It doesn’t have the robust beefy flavor that other steaks, like strip steak and rib eye, have, it makes up for that flavor in its texture. You’d find it challenging to meet another piece of steak that’s as tender as the filet medallion.

Реберця BBQ
BBQ ribs

Flavorful pork ribs, caramelized in BBQ sauce. At first, we cook the ribs on the brazier to the crust, that’s why they have unique smoked aromatic. Then we add sesames, a sprig of rosemary, and the best hot appetizer for beer is done.

Шашлик з яловичини у ресторані На Мангал
Beef barbecue

Barbecue of tender beef tenderloin in combination with Crimean grilled onions.

Фірмові котлетки з ресторану На Мангал
Beef chop

We use 50% fresh beef and 50% aged lean beef to prepare the minced meat. That is why these chops are juicy and have a special rich taste.

Котлети з сиром доставляємо з На Мангал
Beef chop with cheese

We use 50% fresh beef and 50% aged lean beef to prepare the minced meat.

Thanks to the cheese, the chops are extremely juicy and fragrant.

Тартар з яловичини
Beef tar-tar

Finely chopped raw beef, capers, Crimean onion combined with Argentinean sauce «Chimichurri» create the perfect combination of spicy taste and herbal aroma. It serves with quail yolk, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, chili pepper, and crunchy toast of tomato baguette.

Крильця Баффало в ресторані На Мангал
Buffalo wings

Appetizing wings in a spicy-sweet sauce.

шашлик з курятини у Львові
Chicken barbecue

A special marinade gives the tenderness and an unforgettable aroma, which is revealed on the grill. Thighs are ideal for chicken barbecue, they are the most juicy and soft, which is practiced in our restaurant.

Курячі стегна з ресторану На Мангал
Chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are considered to be one of the juiciest and tender pieces of meat.

Grilled thighs have a unique aroma and, thanks to a special marinade, a rich taste.

Стейк Даллас на доставку місто Львів
Dallas steak

It's a Rib eye with a short, trimmed rib. The bone when roasted gives the steak a pleasant nutty aroma. Dallas is also called a Cowboy Steak.

Steak has a buttery tenderness texture, the dry-aged endurance gives an adorable taste.

Антрекот стейк у Львові
Entrecote steak

Entrecôte is the French word for a beef steak cut from between ribs. This steak is a type like a Rib eye but wet-aged get another texture and taste for this steak.

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Amazing place. I really liked this institution. Interesting options for snacks, very good service, the waiters are attentive, everything is nice and friendly, and in general the staff is refined, as well as serving food. I had lunch and breakfast here. The food was great. I would say that such an institution is better in our region.



Were two with my husband. Ordered steak and lunch menu respectively. The steak was exactly the roast that was ordered. Lunch, even with 2 points is very filling – huge portions of both the first course and the main, and most importantly delicious. Would love to visit it on weekdays as an option for lunch. The design of the institution is nice, the main thing is quite spacious, high ceiling and a normal distance between the tables.
The service is friendly and fast, we were always interested in whether we liked everything)



The tastiest veal in my life❤️
And very nice service. And with the Finebite application, we also had a 50% discount on the entire menu))



Very satisfied with all the qualities of the institution: kitchen, service, interior. The restaurant is suitable for large companies and couples of visitors. Atmosphere relaxed, comfortable. It is possible to buy raw meat in the local “shop” or just look at what is used in the dishes.
The choice of steaks is good: there are both classic and less common types, such as Tomahawk and Turkish delight. The meat feels roasted on the grill – filled with the aroma of smoke.



First of all, the steakhouse needs to be judged by the steaks.
Took ribeye, fillet mignon – both medium rare. Quality cooking, perfectly (!) Selected spices. I especially liked the taste of “smoke”, it adds uniqueness and recognizability to local steaks.

Only a steakhouse in Kyiv on Volodymyrska Street can compete with this establishment. And for such a price – it is completely out of competition.

P.S. I want to see Chateaubriand in your menu someday




What are the types and costs of delivery?

In our restaurant you can arrange delivery in Lviv, we have our own delivery service, which will quickly deliver the order to your address. Also, each customer can pick up their order at the restaurant at the address - Lviv, Shevchenko Avenue 25. Delivery within the city is free.

What are the available payment methods?

We have three types of payment for the order on our website, it is online on the website, payment by card upon receipt, and payment in cash upon receipt. You can choose the necessary method of payment for the order directly when placing an order on our website

What is the schedule of the institution?

Our establishment is open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00. All orders that will be placed on the site during non-business hours - will be processed the next day from 11:00

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